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Academy Council

Our Academy Council members are drawn from a range of backgrounds and are all members of the Academy Council for different reasons. Some of our councillors live or work locally and are interested in helping the Academy to make a positive impact in the community, others have children who attend the Academy, whilst others work for Oasis in other roles. 

These individuals come together to provide their collective views on progress and achievement of our objectives; they do not act as representatives but this cross-section ensures we get a mixture of perspectives to improve debate.

Oasis Academy Councils are made up of between 7-15 people. This list is updated every six months or annually and all academy councillors are appointed for a three year term of office unless otherwise stated. 

Academy Council Member List - 2018 - 2019

All Academy Council members have been appointed and approved by the National Executive. 


Appointed By/Category

Role on AC

Date Appointed

End Date

Business/Pecuniary Interests including governance roles in other educational institutions, or any interests arising from relationships between academy councillors and academy staff)

Attendance for Academic Year '17/18

Attendance for Academic Year '18/19

Dominique Gobbi   Principal        


Craig Dean 
(Board Member)
AC Link - Leadership &Management
Web Applications UK Ltd – Chief Exec / Shareholder
General Commercial Objects – Managing Director / Shareholder
WAUK Centre of Excellence Ltd Managing Director / Shareholder
Web Applications Tech Angels Ltd Managing Director / Shareholder
Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce – President for Oldham’s Chamber of Commerce
Oasis Academy Limeside – Chair of Academy Council
Oasis Academy Oldham – Chair of Academy Council
Oasis Community Learning – Board Member
6/12/17, 21/03/18
Kashif Ashraf
Sponsor (Community)   01/07/16 01/07/19
Oldham College – Governor
Burnley Brow – Governor
Oldham Coliseum – Board member
Mahdlo – Board member
Oldham Business Awards Steering Group – Group member
OBLG,Hulme Grammar School, PSO - Consultant  
6/12/17, 21/03/18

Annette McGranahan

  01/01/19 01/01/2022
Frank Rothwell
  01/07/16 01/07/19   6/12/17, 21/03/18 5/12//18
Jean Stretton
  01/07/16 01/07/19
Limehurst Primary School - Governor
Oldham MBC Council - Elected Member
Oldham Credit Union – Director & Chair
Hollinwood Hub – Director
Contour Homes – Council Appointed Board Membe
6/12/17,/21/03/18 5/12/18
Jackie Beattie
Teaching Staff


01/10/14 01/10/20    21/03/18 5/12/18
Dawn Nisbet
Parent Representative
Katie McLaren Non-Teaching Staff   21/03/18 21/03/21   21/03/18 5/12/18

Minutes from meetings are available on request.

 Full Academy Council meetings in 2018/19:

  • 5/12/18
  • 13/03/19
  • 10/07/18

As per the Oasis Community Learning model of governance, the Academy Council does not have the statutory responsibilities as these are held at national level.