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Attendance Protocol

  • All students should be in the Academy for 8.20am and attend form.
  • Students should attend the Academy everyday unless they are too poorly, excuses such as buying new shoes, Christmas shopping, birthdays, looking after brothers, sisters and parents, it’s the last day of term etc are NOT reasons to be absent.
  • If your child is absent from the Academy you should telephone as early as possible with a reason. On your child’s return a note should be put in their journal.
  • The Academy has the right to request medical evidence as proof of illness / appointments (this can cost anything from £10 - £20 from some GPs/dentists) If requested and you fail to produce these, absences will be unauthorised and a fine may be issued.
  • No holidays will be authorised unless in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Principal. Fines will be issued for all unauthorised holidays.

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