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Oasis Academy Oldham students raise money to honour local suffragette

Oasis Academy Oldham students have thrown their support behind a local campaign to honour Oldham suffragette, Annie Kenney.


The campaign, led by Oldham Council, seeks to raise enough money to erect a statue of cotton worker, Annie, who was instrumental in securing voting rights for women, but whose legacy threatens to be forgotten.

Students this week presented MP for Oldham West & Royton, Jim McMahon, with a £400 cheque towards the cause, after holding fundraising activities including XXX.

To further honour the inspirational local suffragette, students have named one of Oasis Academy Oldham’s houses ‘Kenney’ to keep her memory alive in school.

Nigel Whittle, Principal at Oasis Academy Oldham, said: “Annie Kenney is an important part of Oldham’s history, and it’s been brilliant to see students rally to support the local community in honouring her fight for women’s rights. I’m very proud of what they’ve achieved.”

Jim McMahon, MP for Oldham West & Royton and chairman of The Annie Kenney Project, added: “We’re incredibly grateful to the students for their hard work and support. Despite her humble background, Annie wasn’t scared to fight for her beliefs in equality and fairness – we believe that’s a legacy that deserves to be remembered.”   

The campaign has so far raised over £3,000, and has received support from Greater Manchester actress, Maxine Peake.