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Oasis Oldham Students gather to remember the fallen

Oasis Academy Oldham joined hundreds of young people and teachers from across Greater Manchester to honour the sacrifice of previous generations to mark Armistice Day.  

The special event, called INSPIRE, was hosted at Manchester Cathedral. Its aim was to commemorate those who have given their lives in conflict in response to the centenary of the ending of the ‘Great War’ and act as the impetus to take positive action to work for peace in local communities and personal relationships. 

The event was mirrored in 14 different venues across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, alongside hundreds of assemblies, local gatherings and projects to participate in INSPIRE.

Two OAO students took centre stage at the event, recalling their own experiences of attending a retreat at the Peace Centre in Warrington. Their speech concluded: "I leave you with one question, what can you do to bring peace to your communities?"

Dominique GobbiPrincipal of Oasis Academy Oldham, said: “Our students have really embraced the INSPIRE initiative; they recognise that they can be creators and agents of peace in their own lives.

“They have shown a level of maturity beyond their years, honouring the sacrifice of former generations by adding their voices to the INSPIRE movement for peace.

“Thank you especially to Manchester Cathedral and all of our local community members who supported the students’ pledge for peace.” 

Rev Steve Chalke MBE, Founder of the Oasis group of charities and the INSPIRE movement, commented saying, “For this generation, peace is history rather than reality.  INSPIRE is changing that.  The project empowers young peo­ple to not only learn from the past but also actively engage with the present so that the future can be different.”   

“To take part in such a project takes courage and determination.  I am very grateful to the young people of Oasis Academy Oldham for heeding the call and using this year’s centenary of the end of First World War to take a stand for peace!”