Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Meet the Staff

Meet the OA Oldham family

Academy Leadership Team


Miss D Gobbi


Mr D Keate

Associate Principal



Ms G Blackwood

Deputy Principal




Mr A Samy

Deputy Principal


Mr M Barnes

Deputy Principal

Mrs A Mitchell

Deputy Principal

Mr C Lyons

Deputy Principal

Ms T Heap

Assistant Principal

Miss C Higgins

Assistant Principal


Mrs V Gardiner-Earl

Assistant Principal

Mrs C Trebble

Assistant Principal


Faculty Leaders


Miss A Eves

Faculty Leader of English

E: Annemarie.Eves@oasisoldham.org

Mr Mark Higginson

Faculty Leader of Maths

E: M.Higginson@oasisoldham.org



Mrs F Overare-Oladisi

Faculty Leader of Science

E: francisca.overare-oladisi@oasisoldham.org


Mr S Singh

Faculty Leader of Humanities

E: S.Singh@oasisoldham.org

Miss J McSparron

Faculty Leader of Creative

E: J.Mcsparron@oasisoldham.org

Mrs F Thompson

Faculty Leader of Languages

E: F.Thompson@oasisoldham.org

Miss R Hurst

Faculty Leader of PE & Wellbeing

E: R.Hurst@oasisoldham.org

Mrs C Makki


E: C.Makki@oasisoldham.org

Miss Z Hassan

Alternative Provision Coordinator 

E: Z.Hassan@oasisoldham.or

Child Protection

Ms T Heap

Assistant Principal Safeguarding

E: T.Heap@oasisoldham.org

T: 0161 624 9630 Ext 70404

Mrs B Dale

E: B.Dale@oasisoldham.org

T: 0161 624 9630

Heads of Year



Ms F Hussain

Year 11

E: farha.hussain@oasisoldham.org


Mr S Edwards

Year 10

E: S.Edwards@oasisoldham.org



Mr N Jolly

Year 9

E: N.Jolly@oasisoldham.org



Miss A Seijo Marks

Year 8

E: Alejandra.SeijoMarks@oasisoldham.org



Miss C Davis

Year 7

E: c.davis@oasisoldham.org

Pastoral Leaders

Mrs C Brown

Senior Pastoral Leader/Pastoral Leader for Year 11

E: c.brown@oasisoldham.org

Mrs J Steenson

Pastoral Leader for Year 10

E: J.steenson@oasisoldham.org

Mrs R Begum

Pastoral Leader for Year 10 

E: R.Begum@oasisoldham.org

Mrs K Dixon

Pastoral Leader for Year 9

E: K.Dixon@oasisoldham.org

Mrs S Sheridan

Pastoral Leader for Year 8

E: Stephanie.Sheridan@oasisoldham.org



Mrs H Hinchcliffe

Pastoral Leader for Year 7

E: Hannah.Hinchcliffe@oasisoldham.org

Miss K West

Attendance Lead 

E: k.west@oasisoldham.org