Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Vision and Values

The vision at Oasis Academy Oldham is about ‘creating a community of choices and chances. We work together to create opportunities for our young people. Our curriculum is broad, balanced and diverse and provides our students with a range of choices that will enable them to achieve their full potential.

We work tirelessly to create a positive learning culture that ensures equality of opportunity for all.  Our culture of high expectations permeates academy life helping students to develop the necessary academic habits and personal qualities to become model citizens.

We focus on character development ensuring we support our young people to become individuals who show respect, believe in themselves and others and inspire members of the community.  Our character development programme centres around the Oasis 9 Habits enabling our students to become the best versions of themselves.

Our first-class pastoral care ensures our young people are looked after. We recognise the need to afford people chances and it is our firm belief that through feeling safe, healthy and happy our students will take full advantage of our curriculum.

At Oasis Academy Oldham we are proud to serve a diverse community which is supported by our Community Hub. The hub hosts a wide range of activities that supports parents, students and the community who benefit from our offer.

Above all else at Oasis Academy Oldham, we are a family, as a family we all have our part to play in contributing to our community and supporting our students to become great people of the future

I am incredibly proud of all our staff and young people, and it is a great honour to lead this wonderful academy.


Oasis 9 Habits

At Oasis Academy Oldham, as part of Oasis Community Learning, we are committed to developing the character and competence of every student in line with our Oasis 9 Habits.

Oasis believe that continually developing our character to become the best version of ourselves is important for every student and staff member alike. Therefore, we actively promote and practice the Oasis 9 Habits throughout Pastoral Curriculum, assemblies, and whole school PSHE programme. To find out about the Oasis 9 Habits please click here.


The Oasis Education Charter sets out our commitment to work in partnership with our communities to transform lives and create a culture of excellence for all. It underpins our approach to leading schools.

  • We model and set high aspirations and expectations for every child and young person and member of staff
  • We foster character and self-belief and encourage our students and staff to become the best versions of themselves
  • We strive for personal as well as academic and vocational excellence, achieving outcomes that drive social mobility, and give everyone freedom of choice through their lives