Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Principal's Welcome

In 2020, we asked a range of people from across our school community to explain our ‘Just Cause’.  This is more than our achievement goals or school policies and procedures, it is the core reason we are motivated being part of Oasis Academy Oldham.  It is ‘Just’ in that it is morally centred and right for our community.  It is our ‘Cause’ as it is our shared belief that connects us as a school community. Staff, students and parents shared their thoughts and views and we decided upon the following:

‘Creating a community of choices and chances.’

We work together to create opportunities for our young people.  Our broad, balanced and rich curriculum provides our pupils with a wealth of choices that will enable them to achieve their full potential.  Our students have a range of leadership roles and responsibilities and support one another to make informed choices.  For instance, through peer to peer mentoring or year group competitions. We identify and develop the gifts, talents and interests of all our students. We offer an extensive extra-curricular programme where our students can try everything from floristry to archery. Students excel on the sports field and I am continually impressed by the active role that our young people take in shaping and enhancing our wider community.

We take enormous pride in our fair, supportive and compassionate approach to pastoral care and safeguarding.  We recognise the need to afford people chances.  Our pastoral care provision reinforces our commitment to developing the ‘whole’ child. Our excellent pastoral care (including specialist services) ensures our students are safe and well supported.  It is our firm belief that if our students feel safe, healthy and happy at school then they will take full advantage of the excellent teaching and learning on offer. 

As well as excellent behaviour and high academic standards, we are committed to our school being about more. At Oasis Academy we are proud to serve a truly diverse community.  That sense of community goes beyond the school gate. Through our Community Hub, we ensure that parents, carers and local families benefit from all that we offer.  Through a dedicated team, we offer a range of outreach work, such as our community kitchen and a financial inclusion project. 

Everyone has their part to play in building our school community and contributing to our Just Cause.  I am fervently proud of all of our students and our staff and I feel privileged to lead the Academy.

I look forward to welcoming you to Oasis Academy Oldham,

Marie Dillon