Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


As a means of recognising positive behavior, building cohesiveness and providing a competitive element between our students, we have a House system in place. 

All  of our students and staff belong to a house, and have dedicated areas across the academy for house socialising. Inter house competitions are set up throughout the year, where our young people have the opportunity to rally together and show off their talents and skills. 

Our young people were involved in the naming of our House system, and have chosen houses that relate to Oldham and it's history.

Friendship is a two way street
Nakama was chosen to commemorate
Oldham's link to Japan, dating back 150 years, because of
the Satsuma sisters


Fly high, dream big
Falcon house is named after a mill built in 1891 in Oldham


Shine for others when they are in the darkness
This house is named after Oldham being at the 
forefront of big ideas and movements
including it's impact on the textile industry

Explore, dream, discover
This was the original name for Oldham, as
used by the Vikings


Stand up for what you believe in
Named after the town's famous suffragette


Shining bright like the stars we were born to be
Saddleworth moor is one of the best places in the
country to gaze upon the stars


If we shall fall we will rise again
The students felt that the phoenix reflected the spirit of
Oldham and the rebirth of the town