Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Hub Council

The Oasis way of working is through Hubs. Our Hubs seek to ensure individual people and whole communities have access to holistic and integrated support; economically, vocationally, academically, environmentally, socially, morally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. 

In our local ‘community Hubs’, we aspire to ensure broad, integrated and quality activities. These include exceptional education through our academies, and may also include youth and children’s work, community empowerment, housing, advice and support, personal & spiritual development and health & well-being.

Each of our Hubs responds to the strengths and needs of their local neighbourhood and community members are actively engaged in designing, delivering and leading services. Our Hub Councils play a key role in ensuring our priorities are driven by a local movement of people.

Hub Councils are a key mechanism for ensuring that we are accountable to the communities that we serve. They do not hold statutory governance responsibility for the Academy, however, Oasis believes that the role of the Hub Council is a vital one because it is essential that people in a local community have the opportunity to discuss, reflect and become actively involved in supporting education in their community. They will do this by making links in their local community, building partnerships, considering the wider context of the pupils and families in the Academy and practically responding to the support requested from Principals.

The Hub Council has the following functions:

  • Shaping strategy - Ensuring community accountability; owning Hub priorities and playing a significant role in driving them forward.
  • Support – Practically supporting key priorities of the strategy – by fundraising, volunteers, capacity growth
  • Gather – Establishing one or two network events per year to grow the local movement of people who are engaged in the local Hub
  • Ethos – Supporting the Principal(s) and Hub Leader to ensure that the ethos is lived out in Oasis work
  • Connection – Communicating with the national board(s), providing local intelligence


If you are interested in joining our Hub Council and supporting your local community, we would love to hear from you.  Please email our Head of Hub Councils, Ester Foster by emailing

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Marie Dillon

Principal (Oldham)

Lauren Norris

Principal (Limeside)

Ruth Cox Chair (interim)
Jackie Beattie Community Leader (staff)

Chris O'Donnell

Community Leader (community)

Craig Dean

Community Leader (community)

Bev Wood Community Leader (community)
Joseph Flaherty Community Leader (parent)