Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

100% Homework

100% Homework is our commitment as an Academy to ensure that homework is set consistently in all subject areas and that it is purposeful in helping pupils with their learning.

100% Homework is also our aim to engage parents more in their child’s learning by asking them to help quiz and test students at home. Schools and parents have a shared priority to deliver the best outcomes for their children and it is through regular communication and working together that we can ensure our home learning is purposeful and having an impact.

‘There is an established link between the home learning environment at all ages and children’s performance at school’ (Education Endowment Foundation). Therefore we expect all students to spend a minimum amount of time on homework each evening and parents/carers to support with this. 

Year group

Minimum amount of time spent on homework, per night

Year 7

20 minutes

Year 8

30 minutes

Year 9

40 minutes

Year 10

50 minutes

Year 11

60 minutes

Each half term we will provide you with an up to date overview for each subject area. This will explain what home learning is being set and how you can support at home. We have even uploaded where possible, the resources that the pupils will be using to support with their homework. Our aim is to equip parents with the resources to encouraging independent learning at home and to quiz their children on their learning.

What are knowledge organisers?

Knowledge organisers are essentially a list of the key knowledge that pupils need to know for that upcoming half term or topic area. The purpose of providing students with knowledge organisers is to give them the knowledge they need to know in advance of the lessons. This should allow them to access vital knowledge ahead of lessons and importantly, help parents support their child with their learning at home. A number of subjects use knowledge organisers across the Academy and have included them under resources for their subject areas.

We have made every effort to base our home learning strategy on research to make it consistent and purposeful. Please ensure that you are regularly checking your child’s planner and helping them organise their home learning.

100 % Homework - Half Term 2