Careers Guidance

Choosing a direction in life can be one of the most challenging and confusing things we can do at any age! However there is a pressure placed upon young people, throughout their Secondary education, to have an idea of where they want to go with their future based on the subject choices they make. We want to relieve some of that pressure on our students by helping them to feel empowered and informed about their options for the future. 

From Year 7 through to Year 11 we encompass Careers Education into our PSHE offer. This can include:

  1. Tutor time careers sessions and assemblies about the following industries: The Media, Theatre, Engineering, Charitable Work, Sports, Agriculture
  2. Optional career specific trips each half term
  3. Optional work experience day trips
  4. Speed career networking event
  5. Visits to universities
  6. Visits to local FE providers
  7. Careers Fair
  8. Apprenticeship taster days
  9. Support with applications and interviews

Each year students complete a survey to identify their career interests and any support needs. The results of this survey not only inform the opportunities offered to individual pupils, but it also helps us to track the impact of the events and programs we offer. 

Such events and programs include:

  • One week Work Experience placement assisted by Changing Education.
  • FutureFirst World At Work Day – Year 10 students collaborate with OAO alumni in activities based around how to make the most out of their Work Experience placement.
  • External companies coming into school to speak with specifically targeted students about their career prospects and next steps.
  • Collaboration with our extended cultural offer & Young Enterprise programmes.

As an Academy with a foresight on our student’s journey Post-GCSE, we are determined to adapt our provision, where necessary, to reflect student aspirations and the ever increasing demand for digital skills.

The impact of the careers provision is reviewed in October of each academic year through a thorough exercise of Student & Teacher voice activities where we enable those delivering and undertaking careers sessions to evaluate and share their thoughts on the provision.

All of our students are offered a broad and rich careers education experience. In addition to the details shown below, we have a series of targeted support strategies for students with special education needs, looked after children, our more able pupils, or those who are considered to be at risk of not engaging with further education. For more information about the core offer or targeted support, please contact Mrs C Trebble.

Find out more about our careers offer by reading our Careers Guidance Policy

Want to know which activities happen in each year? Find out more by reading our breakdown by year group.

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Impact and Destinations

At the beginning of each academic year students in years 7 – 11 complete a careers survey to identify their interests, gaps in knowledge and attitudes towards careers and further/higher education. Each year the results of these surveys are compiled and compared to ensure that the careers program is effective in raising aspirations and supporting our students as they embark on their career pathways. In addition to this, we closely monitor the impact of targeted interventions, looking carefully at destinations data for our school leavers to ensure that our students progress on to meaningful training or education when they leave us.

Destinations data





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Sixth Form College












Not currently in education, employment, or training.