Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Careers Guidance

As Year 11 students in your final year it is vital that you are thinking of a future beyond our academy. In Year 10 and 11 all our students would normally have had access to a very important and informative careers interview with an experienced Careers Advisor from Positive Steps. While this has not been possible under the current circumstances Positive Steps are offering online appointments for our Year 11 students. To book an appointment, click on the Positive Steps logo and follow the booking advice given.

Booking Guidance for Positive Steps

1 - Select a service –  There is the option for Parents/Carers to book for some advice, Students and Parents or Students on their own.

2 – Select a date they would like the interview – this will then bring up specific appointment times within this date

3 – Select an appointment time

4 – Add their details and preferred contact method and type

5 – Confirm their consent to data collection and press the book button

6 – Then you should receive an email confirming the time and I will call them at the time they have booked

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

Choosing a direction in life can be one of the most challenging and confusing things we can do at any age! However there is a pressure placed upon young people, throughout their Secondary education, to have an idea of where they want to go with their future based on the subject choices they make. We want to relieve some of that pressure on our students by helping them to feel empowered and informed about their options for the future. 

From Year 7 through to Year 11 students careers guidance and support through their pastoral curriculum sessions. An overview of these can be seen below.


Half Term 1

Half Term 2

Half Term 3

Half Term 4

Half Term 5

Half Term 6



Introduction To Careers

Careers In The UK Film Industry

Career Spotlights

Chef, Primary School, Secondary School, Hairstylist, Beautician, Cabin Crew, Architect, Electrician, Construction, Builder, Doctor, Engineering, Police, Psychiatrist, Social Work, Dentist, Actor, Lawyer, Business Management, Sports Coaching, Accounting, Streaming, Professional Sports

From Year 8, all students will complete one lesson in Xello per half term.



Introduction To Xello

Finance (Provided by MoneySense)


Making The Most Of Your Money

Security & Fraud

Keeping Finances Secure

Payslips & Deductions

Staying In Control

Consumer Rights


Money & Mental Well-Being




GCSE Options Support

Post 16 Options

Employability Skills

Self Confidence




Health & Social Care



Film Studies

Computer Science

Cambridge National

Travel & Tourism




Sixth Form Colleges

FE Colleges





Personality Styles


Post-16 Options

Post 18 Options

Growth Mindset & Interpersonal Skills

E-Mails & CV Writing

Oldham, OSFC, Tameside & Clarendon

TMC, ASFC & Other Sixth Forms

Local Options

Further Afield & Studying Abroad




Application Support


What Happens Next?

Students to complete first application by the end of Half Term 1

Students to complete three applications by the start of December

OAO Alumni

Preparing For Results Day


In addition to the pastoral curriculum sessions, students may be selected to participate in career specific trips, skills workshops, speed career networking events, visits to universities, visits to local FE providers, and post-16 options workshops.

As an Academy with a foresight on our students’ journey Post-GCSE, we are determined to adapt our provision, where necessary, to reflect student aspirations and the ever increasing demand for digital skills.

The impact of the careers provision is reviewed in October of each academic year through a thorough exercise of Student & Teacher voice activities where we enable those delivering and undertaking careers sessions to evaluate and share their thoughts on the provision.

All of our students are offered a broad and rich careers education experience. In addition to the details shown below, we have a series of targeted support strategies for students with special education needs, looked after children, our more able pupils, or those who are considered to be at risk of not engaging with further education. For more information about the core offer or targeted support, please contact Mr A Farrand.

Find out more about our careers offer by reading our Careers Guidance Policy

Want to know which activities happen in each year? Find out more by reading our breakdown by year group (subject to change).

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