Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Establishment Curriculum

At Oasis Academy Oldham each year we recognise that the summer holiday breaks student habits and that we need to support students in re-establishing their routines, expectations and learning habits after this normal six week break from being in school. We also offer this support following the shorter breaks within the year for the same reason.

This year’s return to school is even more unique, in that the coronavirus pandemic has meant that students have been out of a normal learning environment for over five months. Though we adapted well to learning online, virtual learning is not the same as learning face to face with your peers and teacher in one place. In response to this unprecedented situation we have made the decision to extend our normal Establishment Days, to cover a minimum of the first full week of school in September. This will allow us to ensure every student can ease back into the routines and habits they need to be successful. It also means that students can be taught the crucial changes to how schools will operate under the Department for Education guidance for re-opening and our new health and safety measures to minimise the chances of spreading the virus.

All students during the week commencing Monday 7th September will participate in our establishment sessions. Examples of the lessons that will take place will include:

1.       OAO Safety Habits – Sessions on the expectations of social distancing and learning habits within COVID guidelines

2.       Online Learning – Sessions on how we will blend home learning and in class learning to address the lost learning time during lockdown; as well as what students will do if they have to work from home again in another lockdown scenario

3.       Oasis 9 Habits – Sessions on how our values and characteristics can help keep us on track in school and through this continuing challenging time

4.       Oasis 5Ps – Sessions on our behavioural norms and how they can help us maintain everyone’s safety in the months to come and beyond.

5.       Pastoral Time - Sessions with your Year Team and Head of Year to plan for the year ahead

Following Establishment Week, we will then begin the academic curriculum.

Should you have any questions about Establishment Week, or like some advice on how you can support your child re-orientate to school life; please contact your year team in the first instance.

In addition, samples of the resources and communication being shared with students can be found below for you to discuss with your son or daughter.

DEAR Year 7-9 DEAR Year 10 & 11 Establishment Week - Study Skills and Home Learning

Dining Line Up and Movement Practice H&S Expectations Learning Habits Lesson Protocols

Morning Line Up Practice Online Learning