Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

PSHE and Pastoral Curriculum


At Oasis Academy Oldham we believe strongly in holistically educating our learners for life, so that they are able to leave our academy as well-rounded members of the community and citizens of modern day Britain. As part of our commitment to safeguarding, we are committed to providing learning opportunities for our children to explore issues such as crime, online safety, child sexual exploitation, radicalisation and extremism and cultural issues.

It is for this reason that we have carefully tailored a curriculum of Personal, Social, and Health education delivered to all KS3 students explicitly on the curriculum in weekly hourly lessons. This programme covers aspects of personal, social and health issues as well as the core British Values of Individual Liberty, Democracy, Rule of Law and Mutual respect for others of all faiths and races.

Our PSHE curriculum provides your child with enriching opportunities to explore Spiritual, Social, Moral and Cultural aspects of learning, encouraging them to think, question and decide for themselves why we value certain things in the UK. 

Units of learning that your child will study are:




  • My community
  • Growing up (puberty)
  • Personal Safety (including cyber safety)
  • My Country (leaders and voting)
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Diversity


  • My Rights (human and children’s rights)
  • Money and Me
  • Inspirational British People
  • Health and safety (including cyber safety)
  • Conflict and resolution
  • Environment and Sustainable living


  • Young people and the law
  • Personal health and safety (including grooming, online safety and FGM)
  • Sex and relationships 
  • The world of work and future plans
  • Public services
  • Power and democracy

In addition to the timetabled PSHE lessons, all of our other curriculum areas also cover various aspects of Spiritual, Social, Moral and Cultural education. Your child will also take part in ‘Character Tutorial’ sessions in their pastoral curriculum time (30 minutes a week) and weekly assemblies on various SMSC themes. 

We understand that you may wish to discuss some of this content with us, in which case you are very welcome to make contact with your child’s progress tutor, head of house or with Ms Hale, the curriculum leader for PSHE. 

You have a statutory right to withdraw your child from any lessons that may involve sex education. If you wish to do this please contact Ms Hale by letter or email. 

Pastoral Curriculum

Our new Pastoral Curriculum is designed to develop student’s skills and attributes, in turn enhancing their core learning. Our aim is to provide every student with an opportunity to develop their character & competence to become confident learners and well-rounded citizens. 

Our Pastoral Curriculum takes place mid-day, every day, with tutors. Delivering year group specific resources, delivered through discrete tutorials focusing on:

  • Careers
  • Character development
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy 

The curriculum provides  clear opportunities to evidence and articulate impact for learners. Our quality assurance process monitors engagement, impact and development of the curriculum. 

Our calendar of assemblies provides a further opportunity to deliver year group assemblies led by our leadership team linked to our Oasis 9 Habits, whilst our House system enables students to enjoy a range of calendared mid-day assemblies linking to SMSC & British Values themes, in addition to local, national and international events. House assemblies are led by a combination of; Subject leaders, Heads of House and Guest speakers.  

Our result: Students experience high quality, structured pastoral curriculum tutorials, providing explicit and implicit learning opportunities beyond the main academic curriculum offer.  Tutorials are designed to encourage students to make connections between their development as a learner and their growth towards becoming a better version of themselves.