Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Year 11 Exams

 Year 11 – Information on Summer Assessment 2022

Currently, it has been confirmed that 2022 exams will go ahead for our year 11 students, with some adaptations to the content covered and support given to students prior to their final exams. The full government guidance can be found here should you wish to read it.

We recognise that you may be concerned about sitting examinations after an unprecedented 18 months, but we ask that you work with your teachers who are committed to supporting you to ensure you receive the grades you are capable of. It is essential that you have the best attendance you can to your academy across the year, and are focused and working at your best in all your lessons to prepare for the Summer examinations.

What will happen if the situation with Covid-19 changes?

The government have also announced that if the situation with Covid-19 changes and there is further significant disruption to education, instead of exams, the government will again ask us to use ‘Teacher Assessed Grades’, in a process very similar to that used last year. In this situation, assessments completed in the academy would replace the exams and other formal assessments you would have sat in the summer. Your grades would therefore be based on what you know, understand and can do rather than any prediction of what you might have achieved had the pandemic not happened. If this approach is used, your work would only be assessed on the topics that your teachers have been able to teach you.

In order to prepare for the possibility of this approach, the government have asked all schools to start collating examples of work that could count towards your Teacher Assessed Grades. This will include evidence from mock examinations and any other class based assessments you sit across the year.

If these contingency plans do go ahead, we will also ensure that there is a fair approach to assessment for those of you who usually have special access arrangements for your exams or have a disability.

Results day will take place for Year 11 on 25th August 2022.

Year 11 Mock Examination Timetable

Year 11 Summer Examination Timetable