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Students encourage people to BEE together

Students encourage people to BEE together

Two Year 9 students from Oasis Academy Oldham have had their designs for an iconic piece of art turned into reality and displayed in the offices for a leading law firm.

Sahil and Weronika entered a competition to add their designs to a Bee sculpture, which were part of the Bee in the City campaign. The competition asked that the designs reflected the themes of community, faith and connecting together.

After reviewing 100s of entries, lawyers from Pinsent Masons selected elements of the two student’s designs and asked a renowned artist, Jenny Leonard, to bring their vision to life. The Bee now sits proudly on display at the entrance to the law firm’s office in Central Manchester. 

On visiting the Bee, Weronika said: “Everyone is different and everyone is unique in their own way.  Yet, we are all one community. That was the message we were trying to get across in our designs, and it is great to see the Bee now sitting in a location that so many people will see.

“I was really proud to see the final Bee.”

Sahil, who is working towards being an architect, said: “It was fantastic to see part of my design come off the page and onto a piece of sculpture; particularly as it is on a symbol that is so important to Manchester.

“I was also inspired by where the bee is now placed. Pinsent Masons’ office is incredible. I loved the architecture of the building and the views from the upper floors. It was an amazing day.”